We deliver to the majority of the Tri-State area. We also ship meals cross-country.

All orders are ready on Monday 10am and Thursday 10am, depending on what day your order is placed.

If you notice an issue, please report it at 973-771-8483 or [email protected] within 24 hours. We will not be able to address any issues that are reported after that time frame.

While the level of doneness in our food has sparked discussions and opinions, we prepare it like that for a reason. Our meals are SLIGHTLY undercooked so when you reheat them, their deliciousness and
taste integrity are not destroyed. We are serious about the word FRESH. All fish meals must ALWAYS be heated when ready to eat.


We don’t use preservatives in any of our meals. Your meals are fresh for up to FOUR days in the refrigerator.

Yes, once you choose your plan, you can decide exactly what you want to eat. All meals have multiple options for vegetables and/or carbs. Or you can choose Chef’s Choice where your meals are picked for you. One less thing to think about.

Our meals are made to eat cleaner in general. Some meals are lower in carbohydrates and with a high protein count, you will be sure to look and feel different. With that in mind, weight loss depends upon your lifestyle and exercise choices along with your diet. So make sure everything coincides for optimal results.

We have 3 locations where you can pick up your meals. Montclair, Bloomfield, and Linden. Just reply to the text you get that your meals are ready for pick up, and let us know when you are on the way so one of our staff  can retrieve your order before you arrive.

You can call 973-771-8483 or email [email protected] to discuss your personal preferences with a nutritionist.